Vacation Ownership

Sea Club V Beach Resort welcomes you to the exciting world of Vacation Ownership. Take a look at the many different units available at the resort, from our Studio for 2 persons, to the very special Two Bedroom Penthouse for 8 persons.

The concept is simple. Each unit is divided into 52 weekly segments per year. As an owner, you purchase only the week(s) that you need, instead of carrying the expense of owning the whole condominium. You even have the option to exchange the weeks you own at Sea Club V through our affiliation with the two (2) largest exchange companies in the world, Resorts Condominium International (RCI) and Interval International (II), and vacation at other exciting destinations around the world. Sea Club V Beach Resort has been awarded RCI’s prestigious “Silver Crown Resort” designation each year since 1992, ranking it among the world’s top vacation ownership resorts.

Listed below are just a few of the variety of units available and their approximate price range per week. Please note that Sea Club V is comprised  of  three buildings, each with slight modifications to the basic floor plan. The North Building has three floors (no elevators, our South Building has two floors (no elevators) and our Main Building has two floors (no elevators) with two entrances to the units (except unit 111). The purchase price varies according to unit size, time of year or week and whether it is Gulf view, pool view, or no view.

Studio Efficiency: sleeps 2 to 4, price range $1,500 – $7,000
One Bedroom One Bath: sleeps 4 price range $2,500 – $15,000
One Bedroom One Bath Den: sleeps 6, price range $3,000 – $17,000
One Bedroom Two Baths Townhouse: sleeps 6, price range $3,500 – $18,000
Two Bedroom Two Baths: sleeps 6, price range $5,000 – $20,000
Penthouse Two Bedroom Two Baths: sleeps 8, price range $8,000 – $30,000

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Timeshare Information

Timeshare, or vacation ownership, redefines leisure travel.
Owning at a timeshare resort gives vacationers the ability to choose the vacation to fit their lifestyle and travel preferences — at more than 5,000 resorts in nearly 100 countries.
According to the American Resort Development Association – one of the best industry resources for reliable timeshare information – timesharing is the “fastest growing segment of the U.S. travel and tourism industry, increasing in popularity at a rate of nearly 16 percent each year since 1993”. It’s not hard to see why. Unlike owning a vacation condo, beach house or other type of fixed real estate, timeshare ownership eliminates all of the headaches of property maintenance and up-keep. It also allows you to vary your vacation destinations as often as you’d like, accommodating the changing needs of your lifestyle or your family. When you combine this flexibility with the convenience of prepaying for all your vacations at today’s rates, the first-class hospitality and services offered only at upscale timeshare resorts, and amenities that far surpass those found in most hotels, you just can’t beat timesharing

Timeshare Facts
There were 1,548 timeshare resorts in the United States in 2009, representing approximately 170,200 units for an average resort size of 110 units. Of these, 6% were studio units; 23% were one-bedrooms; 66% were two-bedroom; and 6% three bedroom or more. There were 7.2 million intervals owned.
Florida, California and South Carolina are home to 39% of all timeshare resorts in the United States (as of January 1, 2009). Florida alone is home to 23% of all the timeshare resorts in the United States. The predominant resort category was a beach destination, reported at 31%. This was followed by country/lakes resorts (18%) and golf and ski resorts each at 10%. Timeshare resorts can offer everything from studio units to one, two or three bedroom suites to family-sized, stand alone villas. The average maintenance fee per interval is $674.00. Occupancy continues to be strong at 79.7%.

This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of timeshare periods

Buy A Timeshare

Buy a timeshare resale today! Enjoy the convenience of prepaid vacation accommodations, avoid high developer fees and cut out the middleman. Whether you like to travel to the same destination every year or prefer to see the world, buying timeshare will help you leave the stress at home when you vacation. Browse our inventory of timeshares for sale, and let us help you attain your dream vacations – year after year!

Resales provided by Stringer Realty, Marge Hollinger a Licensed Real Estate Broker. Call 1-800-346-0883 and ask to speak with a resale professional or contact us with any questions you might have at [email protected] .

View all available units for sale now!

This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of timeshare periods.

Buyer FAQ

What Is Timeshare?

Owning timeshare allows you to prepay for your vacation accommodations in advance, providing your family with a lifetime of luxurious vacations at today’s fixed, low rate. Timesharing (also called vacation ownership) enables individuals on a variety of budgets to enjoy annual, week-long vacations at premium resort properties without the exorbitant costs and hassles of outright ownership. The main difference between traditional real estate and a timeshare property is that ownership of a timeshare is shared by multiple individuals who each have an interest in the property and can use it during specific times each year. Timeshare owners also split maintenance costs for the property, making it a much more affordable way to vacation than outright ownership.

What Is A Timeshare Resale?

Simply put, a timeshare resale refers to an interest in a timeshare property that is being resold by the current owner. Compared to the alternative (purchasing from a developer), by owner timeshare resales are much more affordable. In fact, in almost all cases, resale timeshares are priced between 20% to 70% less than the identical resort timeshares. Why? Sales of resort timeshares occur primarily through resort-funded timeshare sales presentations which include free giveaways to attract attendees. In order to cover administrative costs for the presentation and marketing expenses for the incentives, resort timeshare prices are inflated. If you buy timeshare resale, on the other hand, you pay only the actual fair market value of the property, making timeshare ownership even more cost effective! At Sea Club V Beach Resort, we offer an extraordinary selection of discounted timeshares. Browse our inventory of timeshares for sale by owner and start saving today!

If I Buy A Timeshare Resale, Do I Still Have To Pay Maintenance Fees?

Yes – buying resale doesn’t alter the concept of timeshare ownership. Owners share the cost of maintaining their units as well as the common grounds of the resort property by paying a maintenance fee typically ranging from $460 to $730 annually. When pooled together, these low fees pay for beautification, capital improvements and general “wear and tear” upkeep of the property and grounds.

If I Buy Resale, Can I Still Take Advantage Of Timeshare Exchange?

Yes. You just have to join your home resort’s exchange company or an affiliated independent timeshare exchange company for a nominal fee. The largest and most prominent independent exchange companies include Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II). These two companies handle 95% of all timeshare exchanges and are affiliated with over 7,500 resorts around the globe. The concept of timeshare exchange is quite simple. By exchanging your timeshare, you trade your week at your resort for another timeshare owner’s week at another resort, enabling you to travel the world with the purchase of a single property. The process of timeshare exchange is also quite simple. Owners deposit their timeshare weeks with an exchange company, and can then select from thousands of comparable weeks deposited by other timeshare owners within the exchange network!

What Is The Difference Between Deeded, Leased And RTU Timeshare Resales?

A deeded timeshare resale property is similar to traditional real estate in that you will own the timeshare indefinitely. Accordingly, the deeded property can be sold, rented, given away, donated or even willed to your heirs. With a purchase of a unit week at Sea Club V you will have a deeded property in perputity. Leased timeshare resale properties and RTU (right-to-use) timeshare resale properties are the same thing. Leased timeshare ownership enables you to use a specific week at the property for a set amount of time, typically ranging from 20 to 99 years. When the lease matures, the right to use the property terminates, and the timeshare interest normally returns to the resort.

What Are Fixed, Floating And Flex Weeks?

Fixed, floating and flex are terms used to refer to the three types of timeshare weeks which you can own.
Fixed week ownership allows you to use a timeshare unit for a specific, “fixed” week annually for as long as you own the timeshare. Weeks are identified by a unique number starting with the first full week of the year (week one) and continuing through the end of December. A fixed week will typically start on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on the resort. View our timeshare calendar for an idea of what weeks might suit your needs as a timeshare owner.
Floating week ownership is a little more flexible. Depending on the resort’s availability, you may use your timeshare week at any point during the year. We recommend that owners who choose floating weeks make their reservations with the resort well ahead of time so as to avoid disappointment.
Flex week ownership is similar to floating week ownership, however, you must choose from a predetermined set of weeks within a particular “season.” Seasons are commonly designated by demand (see next question). Due to competition among existing owners for prime weeks, availability may vary.

What Are Points? And Can I Buy Them On The Resale Market?

The points system is one of the newest forms of timeshare ownership, and, yes, you can purchase points memberships directly from current owners on the timeshare resale market. This system enables the owner to prepay for an allotted number of annual points that can be used for their vacations. The more points purchased, the more flexibility offered when wishing to travel during high season. Likewise, more points may mean a larger unit or a more desirable destination or resort. Another advantage of the points system is that owners can enjoy more flexible usage options. Points owners are not required to use all their points at once. Instead, they can book single night stays or week-long getaways depending on how many points they have. While flexibility is a major advantage to the points system, it’s important to keep in mind that satisfaction is largely based upon resort availability. Sea Club V does belong to the Points Program through RCI Points. You can upgrade your deeded week to Points by contacting the front office of Sea Club V. A one time administration fee to upgrade is customary.

Timeshare Calendar

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